Although Freeforlife is helpful to anybody who has to eliminate a food for any number of reasons, be it health or lifestyle. Freeforlife is based on my own personal experience of food intolerance, therefore the strength of any advice I can give is based mostly upon personal experience, including having worked in the health food and supplement industry. I therefore also have some knowledge of health food and products that may be helpful to a wider audience.

Giving up any type of food which you enjoy and which has been part of your life probably for as far back as you can remember can be a daunting and upsetting experience. At first it may seem almost impossible to enjoy food in the same way again, having to scroll through labels and menus for anything you might be able to eat. Not to mention the questions and strange looks from others who you worry may just perceive you as being ‘awkward’ or ‘fussy’.

However food does not have to become ‘boring’ or ‘limited’. As from first hand experience I have discovered that if anything it becomes more interesting as the choices you once stuck rigidly to are no longer an option you open your mind and palette to a far broader, more healthy and more interesting range of food. Not only will you feel better but you will also look better, as by eliminating wheat and dairy products not only improve your symptoms, but also your complexion and your physique.

The aim of this website is to share with others your experiences, find and share recipes, advice on places to eat and also places to buy food. I may also be able to offer advice on supplements which may aid your wellbeing.